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Our summer sale is on!
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Our summer sale is on! Get up to 200€ off with the code SUN until 31.07.

Customer Reviews

Stores books and music.
Most people said

Very easy assembly + good quality

Capucine from France
I'm very happy about my new bookcase. I've never seen such an easy furniture assembly (I'm usually a pitiful handywoman, but this time we managed it without any problem with a friend of mine!). And quality seems great, we hammered on the wood quite a lot and no scratches. I had a few questions but customer service was very fast answering! In the end, it looks very nice in my living room :-) Show all

Very impressed!

Katie from Germany
I’m very happy with this product. We’re using it as a bookshelf/toy storage for my two boys in their room. So far it’s proved very durable and a great way to keep things organized in a space designed for children.

Ich bin sehr verlieb!

Fadja from Germany
Schon lange wollte ich ein Tylko! Jetzt ist es da und ich freue mich jeden Tag über das tolle Design und die Atmosphäre, die es in meinem Büro macht. Es ist 253 hoch und 320 breit und ich habe es allein aufgebaut in 1,5 Stunden - nur beim Aufstellen musste jemand mit anpacken. Fazit: das war sicher nicht mein letztes Tylko! Show all

Regal ist prima fürs Wohnzimmer

Andreas from Germany
Die individuelle Konfigurationsmöglichkeit hat uns gefallen.
Wall Storage

Beautiful furniture

Laura from Netherlands
I love my new piece of furniture, I love the fact that is custom made to my necessities and the fact that it was so easy to assemble. What I didn't love too much were the delays in the delivery, which I understand, but it was expected in 5 weeks and ended up being 9. In my case it's not much of a big problem because I wasn't in a hurry nor had a trip planned, but I can imagine that with bad luck it could have been very inconvinient. The communication when the delays started was good and quick, but I'd rather have you giving a longer estimate than me having to contact customer support every week. Regardless of the problems, I'm very pleased with the service and products. Show all
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Really pleased

Nick de Figueiredo from United Kingdom
Shelves arrived and we managed to assemble them quickly and easily. Good quality and great value, and the shelves look lovely now they’re in! Would recommend.


Andreas from Austria
Die Lieferung kam leider verspätet und hat dadurch für uns einen zusätzlichen Aufwand verursacht. Das Wandsystem ist aber sehr leicht zum aufbauen und die Qualität übertrifft die Erwartungen
Wall Storage

Bonne expérience

Garance from Belgium
Montage sportif mais facile. Bonne qualité, super suivit qualité de service. Efficace!

Very Good

John from United Kingdom
We are very happy with our new shelving. We were surprised by the accuracy of the build and just how well it all fitted together. The drawers and cupboards were excellent in the way they fitted – we were impressed. If there was one grumble is was on a few holes where the metal studs inserted – a little spring fitting that then popped into a small hole – some of the small holes were a little ‘woolly’ because I think they had been drilled too quickly and we needed to clean the edges out a little so that the metal pop up stud was able to enter the holes. But in all in all a very successful buy. Show all
Wall Storage

Great Quality - Super simple to build

Thomas from Belgium
thanks. nice follow-up, cristal-clear building instructions, great result.