Termination of the customer account Agreement


You can request your account to be removed by sending us a letter or an e-mail. Your account will be removed within 3 days from when we receive your request. On the other hand, we may only remove your account ourselves if you use it in violation of these Terms or relevant provisions of law. Removing your account will not affect any previous purchases you’ve placed with us.

9.1. The User may terminate the Agreement by filing a termination statement:

a) in writing, to the Provider’s address provided in sec. 1.2 of these Terms,

b) in an e-mail sent to the Provider’s address provided in sec. 7.1 of these Terms.

Along with the termination statement the User may also file a request to terminate the processing of his or her personal data provided during the Registration. The Agreement is deemed terminated after 3 (three) days from the day the termination statement has been received by the Provider.

9.2. The Provider may terminate the Agreement whenever:

a) the User intentionally uses (or tries to use) the Service (or any of its elements) or the Account in a manner inconsistent with their purpose or in violation of these Terms or the law (including, in particular, the Copyright Act and the Industrial Property Law),

b) willfully infringes or attempts to infringe the security features of the Service in order to gain unauthorized access to the Provider's IT system.

In such a case, the Provider will be entitled to request the User to refrain from violating these Terms or the law. If the User fails to comply or provides insufficient explanation within 3 (three) days of such a request, the Provider is authorized to terminate the Agreement with immediate effect.

9.3. The termination of the Agreement results in the removal of the Account by the Provider.

9.4. Termination of the Agreement will not affect the validity and effectiveness of any Purchase Agreements concluded before the Agreement was terminated.