You can submit a complaint about a defective or an incomplete product, as well as, a product inconsistent with your specification. You can do that within a year from when you’ve noticed a defect (but not after 2 years from when you’ve received your product). We will process you complaint within 14 days and will let you know if we will fix or replace your product. We cover the costs of shipments made in connection with your complaint.

7.1. The User has the right to file a complaint about a Product (the “Complaint”) which, at the time of its delivery to the User, was defective and which, in particular, was:

a) inconsistent with the final Specification referred to in sec. 5.1 and 5.4 above,

b) damaged,

c) incomplete.

For the avoidance of doubt, any inconsistency between the finished Product and the augmented reality visualization of the Product provided in the Service, does not constitute an inconsistency referred to in pt. a) above. The right to file a Complaint does not apply to a Product damaged or incomplete due to User’s fault.

7.2. If, upon delivery, the Product has been defectively assembled as part of the Order, the User shall have the right to submit a Complaint about the quality of the Product’s assembly service. The Product assembly service is carried out by the Deliverer or Assembly Provider and any Complaint relating to the quality of the Product assembly service should be filed directly with the Deliverer or Assembly Provider. All information necessary to file such a Complaint, including a description of the Complaint procedure, will be presented to the User at the Product’s delivery. The provisions of sec. 7.4 to 7.11 of these Terms shall not be applicable to any Complaint relating to the quality of the Product assembly service.

7.3. The User may file a Complaint within one (1) year from the date in which the Product’s defect has been noticed, but no later than after two (2) years from the date the Product has been delivered.

7.4. The User files the Complaint in an e-mail sent to [email protected]. The Complaint should briefly describe the defects observed and, if possible, include photos illustrating them. The Complaint should also include the User’s request to:

a) repair, or

b) replace the Product with a new one.

7.5. On the basis of the information contained in the Complaint, the Provider will:

a) accept or refuse to accept the Complaint, or

b) request the User to provide additional information or send the Product to the Provider’s address, in order to examine its defects in more detail, and will subsequently accept or refuse to accept the Complaint.

7.6. When requesting replacement, the User may also request the Provider to dismantle the defective Product and assemble the new Product. In this case, however, the User is obligated to incur any dismantle and assembly cost in excess of the Product’s initial price.

7.7. The Provider will consider the Complaint within 14 (fourteen) days from the date of its receipt. Once this period lapses, the Complaint shall be deemed accepted.

7.8. If the Complaint is accepted, the Provider may remove the defect by replacing the Product (or its element) with a new one or by fixing it. The Provider may refuse to satisfy the User’s request to replace or fix the Product, whenever this is impossible or may be excessively costly when compared to other available remedies of the Product’s defects. In such a case, the Provider will propose other remedies in order to remove the defects referred to in the Complaint.

7.9. The Product’s return and replacement (as well as, other shipments of the Product – or its elements’ - resulting from the Complaint) shall be at the sole expense and risk of the Provider. At the User’s request, the Provider may provide the User with a proper shipment packaging.

7.10. The Provider shall inform the User of his refusal to accept the Complaint and the reasons of doing so by way of an e-mail sent to the User’s address provided during the Registration, during the Order or with the Complaint.

7.11. In the event of a dispute between the Provider and the User concerning the Provider’s refusal to accept the Complaint, the User is entitled to the benefit of alternative dispute resolution. In particular, the User may refer his case to a mediator or to an arbitration court by filing an applicable form - a request for mediation or an application to the arbitration court – with a relevant institution. A sample list of institutions, including their contact details is available at The User also retains the right to file a formal complaint with the court at his sole discretion.