Hub Table - bespoke table by Tylko

Hub Table by Yves Béhar

Create the table to make a home.

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Ivy Shelf

Always bespoke. Never ordinary.

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Totem Mill - wooden pepper mill by Tylko

Totem Mill by Krystian Kowalski

Get creative in the kitchen.

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Yours by design.
Furniture revolution explained.

Perfect Fit

Shopping for furniture online has just become risk-free. The app visualises your custom piece in your space at its actual size, so you know it will be a perfect look.

Design-led Customisation

Go inside the designer’s creative process and co-create the piece of furniture you need. We’ll make it to measure.

Price & Quality

These two can go together. We bring a top quality product at a significantly reduced price by cutting out all the middlemen.

Don’t just imagine it, see it.

Experience the magic: the Tylko app lets you preview your custom piece in your space at its actual size, so you know it will be a perfect fit – wherever you choose to put it. Never ordinary, always risk-free.

Recent Purchases

Bought by Zahra from Leipzig
Bought by Hud from Erfurt
Bought by Jivin from Gloucester

Combination of complex technology into a simple smartphone app that invites users to design and visualise furniture in their home.
Imagine you could create your own furniture on your tablet and have it delivered to your door.
Tylko has not only changed the way furniture is created and made, but also how it reaches the customer.
Tylko wants to turn the process of ordering a bespoke bookshelf into a marvel of advanced manufacturing.
Tylko app makes it easy for anyone to dream up and create a perfect furniture piece on the spot.
Putting furniture customization in the hands of anyone with an iPad.