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Perfect Fit

Shopping for furniture online has just become risk-free. The app visualises your custom piece in your space at its actual size, so you know it will be a perfect look.

Design-led Customisation

Go inside the designer’s creative process and co-create the piece of furniture you need. We’ll make it to measure.

Price & Quality

These two can go together. We bring a top quality product at a significantly reduced price by cutting out all the middlemen.

Don’t just imagine it, see it.

Experience the magic: the Tylko app lets you preview your custom piece in your space at its actual size, so you know it will be a perfect fit – wherever you choose to put it. Never ordinary, always risk-free.

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Bought by Detlef from Frankfurt
Bought by Gela from Saarbrücken
Bought by Ivette from Berlin

Mass production is out, mass customization is in, and the furniture startup Tylko is emblematic of this paradigm shift.
Tylko approaches things a little differently, breaking the mold by giving its shoppers what Béhar calls “adaptable authorship.”
It gives user a true sense of how their designs would look and feel within their home or office.
Tylko is one of the Top 10 tech innovations at London Design Festival. It’s the opportunity to co-design, customise and quality control the furniture digitally.
Tylko has ensured parameters and algorithms are in place that ensure visual harmony for each piece of furniture.
Each piece designed parametrically and can be customised and ordered online using Tylko's cutting-edge app.


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