It only takes a few clicks to design a unique sideboard that fits your space and your style. Customize the size, color, and many other details that will make you create the perfect piece of furniture for you.

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Welcome to Tylko's exceptional collection of sideboards with legs. Our unique range offers not only a stunning blend of practicality and style but also an array of customisable features to suit any home. Explore our modern sideboards with legs, available in small and large sizes, to find the perfect piece that fits your space and complements your interior design.

Modern sideboards with legs

Our modern sideboards with legs combine contemporary design elements with a touch of timeless elegance. These exquisite pieces make a bold statement in any living space, effortlessly becoming the focal point of the room. With their sleek lines, minimalist aesthetics, and premium materials, our sideboards provide ample storage while maintaining an air of sophistication. Discover our collection of modern sideboards and find the perfect addition to your home.

Small sideboards with legs

Don't let limited space hinder your desire for a stylish storage solution. Our small sideboards with legs are designed to maximise storage without occupying too much floor space. These compact yet functional pieces can easily fit into tight corners or smaller rooms, providing you with the perfect spot to store essentials, display decorative items, or even serve as a stylish bar area. Browse our small sideboards and enhance your interior with a practical and chic furniture piece.

Large sideboards with legs

If you have a more expansive space or need a generous storage option, our large sideboards with legs are the ideal choice. These elegant and spacious furniture pieces offer an abundance of storage, with multiple compartments, shelves, and drawers to accommodate all your belongings. Our large sideboards are perfect for those who seek both functionality and style in their home, seamlessly blending into any decor theme while providing a practical solution for organising your possessions. Explore our selection of large sideboards and elevate your living space today.

Customisable sideboards with legs

At Tylko, we believe in creating furniture that reflects your unique taste and style. Our customisable sideboards with legs offer a multitude of design options, allowing you to create a one-of-a-kind piece tailored to your preferences. Select from an array of colours, materials, and finishes, as well as custom dimensions to ensure your sideboard fits seamlessly into your home. With our user-friendly online configurator, designing your dream sideboard has never been easier. Embrace your creativity and craft the perfect sideboard to complete your interior vision.

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