It only takes a few clicks to design a unique sideboard that fits your space and your style. Customize the size, color, and many other details that will make you create the perfect piece of furniture for you.

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Sideboards & Storage Cabinets

Design a modern sideboard that matches your space and taste perfectly. It’s all in the magic of Tylko’s parametric design, which makes the customisation process easy and fun.

Bespoke sideboard

Become the designer and carpenter of your very own easy-to-assemble sideboard. Decide all the details with our configurator: whether you want it large, small, narrow, lowor compact. Whatever you need, we have a modern sideboard & storage cabinet for you.

Colours and materials

Choose from an exciting range of colours for your sideboard: white, black, grey, blue, pink, wooden, yellow, red, beige and burgundy.

Explore a range of classic colours for your sideboard – white, grey and black – or go with contemporary hues that make a statement. Every solid-wood sideboard features a subtle gloss finish that fits in just about anywhere. With responsibly sourced materials and on-demand production methods, we are an eco-conscious choice, right next to upcycled furniture.

Modern, instant classics

Our designers know what it takes to make a modern sideboard cabinet. They spend hours studying contemporary design to give you furniture that stands for style, calm and ease – whatever the aesthetic.

We want you to get organised

Our goal at Tylko is to make organisation personal and simple, so you get more out of your space and belongings. That's why we offer perfect-fit storage cabinets without any waste. Whether you want a sideboard with doors or a sideboard with drawers, we give you the tools to bring harmony to your home.

Delivery and design support

We deliver our sideboards to the UK and other European countries. We're dedicated to making your experience a smooth one, so feel free to ask for help via chat, email or phone.

Made-to-measure sideboard – by you!

Our sideboards are there to inspire you to design your own. Need a compact sideboard for your living room or dining room? You’ve got it! Need something narrow for your kitchen or hallway? It only takes a few clicks. From the bedroom to beyond, we guarantee that you will find a design that perfectly fits your home and needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are sideboards used for?

Sideboard, buffet, credenza...the sideboard has many names, and just as many uses! Whether as hallway storage, a place in the dining room to hold your best dishes, or a cabinet to display your favourite things, there are no hard and fast rules to sideboards and what they can be used for.

Can I use a Tylko sideboard as a dresser?

Of course! Tylko’s entire goal is to help you create modern storage for better living. The ability to customise furniture to your exact needs is what we’re all about, so feel free to get creative!

How tall should a sideboard be?

As we based our parameters on the golden standard of sideboard design, we cap our Sideboards at 83cm in height. Of course, with the addition of legs, this adds 10cm of height, so keep that in mind.

Can I put a TV on a sideboard?

You can indeed, but if you’re looking for a TV Rack, we suggest you check out our smart TV Stands.

Can I put a sideboard in a living room or a dining room?

Tylko Sideboards know no bounds. They look great in any space, any place, and serve any purpose!

How to decorate a sideboard?

We’re often asked, “What do I put on my Sideboard?” and the answer is totally simple: whatever you like! There are no rules to styling your Tylko furniture, but we’ve come up with a few great tips to get you started in this article if you need a helping hand.

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