When I choose doors or drawers, I can't change their position. How can I choose where I want them?

We know many people would like to pick and choose exactly where their doors and drawers go, so we're working on improving the placement options to give you even more control.

For now, you'll see two types of adjusters in the configurator: the row adjuster and the column adjuster. Adding doors or drawers is only possible where the configurator allows it, and you can choose between three options: fully closed, mixed or fully open for each row of the shelf. The column adjuster meanwhile lets you customise the look of each column and choose from many options for all of our low-height storage categories.

When it comes to configuring your wardrobe (both the Tone and the Edge), it's a little different: simply use the configurator to choose from pre-designed segments for mix and match storage. With a wide selection of practical layouts, the perfect storage solution can be customised to fit your needs, column by column, so you can freely change the design and adjust your Wardrobe, inside and out.

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