With the possibility to create a wardrobe as big as 3,6m in height and 6m in width, your storage possibilities are endless.

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Compare our wardrobe lines to find the right one for you


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At Tylko, we understand that your bedroom should be a sanctuary, a place where you can relax and unwind. That's why we offer an exceptional selection of wardrobes with external drawers, carefully designed to maximise storage and create a stylish, clutter-free space. Explore our stunning range to find the perfect piece that caters to your storage needs and complements your bedroom decor.

Tall wardrobes with external drawers

Tylko's tall wardrobe with external drawers offers an ingenious storage solution for bedrooms of all sizes. Standing tall and majestic, these wardrobes provide ample space to store your clothes, shoes, and accessories in a well-organised manner. The external drawers are not only practical, but they also add visual interest to the overall design. Browse through our collection of tall wardrobes to find the one that suits your taste and makes the most of your vertical space.

2 door wardrobes with external drawers

Our 2 door wardrobe with external drawers is perfect for those who prefer a compact storage solution without compromising on functionality. These wardrobes feature a sleek design that seamlessly fits into any bedroom, while their external drawers provide easy access to frequently used items. With Tylko's 2 door wardrobes, you can keep your belongings organised and within reach, making your daily routine more efficient.

External drawer wardrobes

The external drawer wardrobe is a versatile and innovative option for those who need extra storage in their bedrooms. These wardrobes boast a contemporary design that combines the elegance of a traditional wardrobe with the practicality of external drawers. The drawers are an excellent addition for those who want to separate their garments or accessories, ensuring that everything has its designated space. Discover the variety of Tylko's external drawer wardrobes and elevate your bedroom storage game.

Double wardrobes with external drawers

For couples or those who simply need more storage space, our double wardrobe with external drawers is the ideal choice. These spacious wardrobes offer an abundance of hanging and folding space, along with the added convenience of external drawers. The drawers are perfect for storing smaller items, such as belts, scarves, and accessories, while the generous wardrobe interior takes care of your hanging garments. Browse our selection of double wardrobes to find the perfect storage solution that matches your unique requirements and style preferences.

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