With the possibility to create a wardrobe as big as 3,6m in height and 6m in width, your storage possibilities are endless.

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White is one of the cool, pleasant colours perfect for any home interiors. It enhances the interiors and makes them appear larger and looks good no matter which colour it is paired with. Besides being an excellent storage solution for your clothes, accessories and personal belongings, white large wardrobes enhance the overall aesthetics of your bedroom. Here are some crucial things to remember when buying the perfect white wardrobe for your home.

Freestanding white large wardrobe

A white free-standing wardrobe is a fantastic addition to your bedroom. The white colour merges into space and stands out. You also can add brown, maroon or blue storage boxes to keep things interesting. These colours also add a natural warmth to the strikingly bright white ones.

Small white wardrobes

One of the best ways of making your white wardrobe with storage become part of your bedroom is by skirting and adding moulding. The moulding can be of the same colour as your single white wardrobe, creating a sense of continuity around your room. The skirting is mainly placed at the bottom, giving the illusion of an inbuilt wardrobe. Sure, moulding is not an integral part of your room. However, it goes a long way to enhance utmost class and elegance in a room without straining your budget.

Compliment your bedroom with white wardrobe

If you think that colour lovers cannot enjoy the beauty of white large wardrobes, think again. Besides, too much white can sometimes feel like an overload. The best compromise is a room that combines white with one strong tone: sunny yellow, red, navy blue, emerald green or even pink or purple. The idea is to throw in a pinch of colour that depends on the narrow white wardrobe to keep things interesting yet under control.

Introduce a sharp contrast to your double white wardrobe

If you crave a modern, fancy yet sharp look in your room, why not combine your double white wardrobe with black walls to bring out the “wow” factor. The two bold colours interact with each other altering your perception instantly. Moreover, contrasting colours are perfect for creating rhythm and strengthening the focus on the white single wardrobe with drawers. Besides, the bold backdrop goes a long way toward making a large white wardrobe with shelves appear much smaller.

White wardrobe with drawers and doors

Plain, wardrobe with 2 doors, white is not the sole option for your white wardrobe. You can also use some uniquely angled doors to complement the interior of your room. The idea is to introduce an exceptional detail to your bedroom without compromising the simple white scheme.

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