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With this furniture only 32 cm deep, and especially suitable for furnishing entrances or corridors, there will be no obstacles in your way.

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Shoe Racks & Storage Cabinets

Tylko makes it easy to create shoe racks and shoe storage that matches your space and taste perfectly. Our sturdy and stylish bespoke storage is built from high-quality materials and for lasting looks - and a lifetime of use.

Bespoke shoe storage

Tylko’s easy configurator lets you call the shots - without the need for any carpentry skills. Large or small, tall or short, with doors or cable openings- you decide from a range of details that go beyond just width and height to click and swipe your way to the perfect place to keep your footwear collection. Narrow hallways or wide walk-in closets? There’s a shoe rack for every space.

Made-to-measure in minutes

Whether shoe rack or shoe cabinet, it just takes a few clicks to create using our configurator. You’ll come up with a design that perfectly fits your shoe storage needs - and is totally made-to measure in just minutes.

Shoe cabinets done differently

Sometimes you need a little more space to keep your collection of shoes. Make room for every pair with a perfect fit piece. Our shoe storage is strong and sturdy - you can even create a seat for slipping shoes on and off - and has the capacity to store it all. Whether you have five pairs or fifty, you can count on shoe storage that’s practical and stylish, and beautifully protects your footwear while saving floor space. When you need a modern chest of drawers that’s built to last (but still beautiful enough for your bedroom), we’ve got you covered.

Colours and materials

Choose from an exciting range of colours for your shoe rack: white, black, grey, blue, pink, wooden, yellow, red, beige, burgundy and mixed colour.

Perhaps a shoe cabinet that resembles solid wood is more your style? Choose from beautiful real wood veneers in oak and ash to bring a bit of nature into your space. We use the highest quality material for each piece: 13 layers of birch plywood for our plywood shoe storage, and high-quality 18 mm particle board for other ranges, so you can be sure your shoes will be stored securely, with no wobbling, sagging or sway.

Easy to assemble

Assembling your shoe storage is simple. Tylko uses a unique click-together system that makes assembly effortless. We deliver your shoe cabinet in numbered boxes, and include a personalised instruction manual just for you. We even label and colour-code every part to make assembly fun and stress-free.

Modern shoe storage, instant classic

Our designers have refined every customisable element so you get modern shoe storage cabinets that stand for style. They’re the perfect place to store every sneaker, sandal and stiletto.

We’re here to help you get organised

Our goal is to make organisation simple and personal, and help you do more with your space and belongings. That's why we help you create perfect-fit shoe storage without any hassle. It doesn't matter if you are designing for your home, work, or any place or space - with Tylko you always get a custom-made solution that’s sure to help you get organised.

Delivery and design support

We deliver shoe racks across Europe as well as to the UK. We're committed to making shopping with Tylko totally seamless and simple, so don't hesitate to ask us for help via chat, email or phone. We’re here to make shelving unit that perfectly fits your needs - and your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a shoe rack?

If you’re after a bit more space, a neater closet or less crowded hallway, or just a place to keep every pair looking neat and clean (instead of in a pile), yes!

Where should I put my shoe rack?

Anywhere you want to. Our customers have put their Tylko Shoe Racks in closets, in hallways, in mud rooms and in bedrooms, just to name a few.

Can Tylko shoe rack fit my whole shoes collection?

Well, if we’re talking thousands of pairs (no judgement here), then you might need more than one Shoe Rack. Tylko Shoe Racks are configurable up to 403cm high and 260cm wide, though, so there’s a lot of room to play! Head over to the online configurator to see what’s possible.

How to store shoes long term?

We suggest starting with a clean, safe place to store them - like a Tylko Shoe Rack. Each pair has a dedicated space so there’s no stacking or smooshing, and no dirt transfer from sole to upper. You could even fit storage boxes (or the original boxes if you have them) into each compartment so they’re extra safe. After that, taking care of each shoe really depends on the shoe itself - read the label or the care instructions for how to look after them best for the long run.

What else can I use a shoe rack for?

You can use your Tylko Shoe Rack for whatever you like. Many of our customers use them to store and display designer handbags, unique hats and more. The only limit is your imagination (and how much space you have).

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