How much space do I need to allow for a Tone Wardrobe with lighting?

When designing a Tone Wardrobe with lighting, you'll want to take into account the measurements of your available space and desired closet's dimensions, as well as consider a few extra details regarding the plug, too. We recommend (if possible) plugging into a wall socket located behind the wardrobe, but a socket located close by on either side of your Wardrobe will work as well. To plug into a socket behind the Tone Wardrobe, you'll need to leave 4cm of space between the wall and wardrobe, and to plug into a socket located to the side of the wardrobe, you'll want to allow for at least 4cm of space on the side on which the wall socket is located. For the side without plug access, or for wardrobes without lighting, a side gap of 2cm is sufficient. Finally, keep in mind that regardless of plug location or lighting selection, a 10cm distance from the top of the wardrobe to the ceiling is required to allow room for easy assembly.

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