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What kind of furniture do you make?

Every furniture product in the entire Tylko range offers nearly endless options to create perfect-fit furniture that fulfills all your space, style and organisational needs. We make Wardrobes, Sideboards, Chests of Drawers, TV Stands, Shoe Racks, Bookcases, Wall Storage, Cabinet Units, Cupboards, and so much more — but the best part is that you get to design your furniture exactly how you want it. Need a bedside table? Just configure it online and we'll build it for you. Have a narrow hallway that needs a little extra storage? We can help you with slimline storage designed precisely to your specs.

The Tylko Original lines are flexible shelf-based storage units that you can configure, while the Tone and the Edge lines are customisable wardrobes designed to simplify organisation and improve everyday living. The Tylko Original line consists of two sub-lines: the Original Classic (formerly known as the The Type01 Plywood and Type01 Veneer) and the Original Modern (formerly known as the The Type02). All of our furniture lines offer unique features and a range of colours and design options to make custom storage furniture that's 100% suited to your style and space simple.

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