Make more space at home by designing your ideal Wall Storage. Customise size and colour, plus add open or closed segments to show off objects and keep extra storage tucked away.

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Design your shelf

Wall storage units

Design your own wall storage unit to perfectly match your taste and space. It’s all down to Tylko’s parametric design, which makes customisation fast, easy and fun.

Bespoke wall storage

Looking for a modern wall storage units for the bedroom, kitchen or beyond? We make you the designer and carpenter. Decide all the details with our configurator: the colour, finish and fit – right down to the last centimetre. All of our wall storage shelves are one of a kind.

Colours and materials

Choose from an exciting range of colours for your wall storage: white, black, grey, blue, pink, wooden, yellow, red, beige and burgundy.

Choose from classic tones like white or black, or go bold with a fresh hue. Whatever you choose, your wall shelf unit is guaranteed to make a statement. By using responsibly sourced materials and on-demand production methods, we provide an eco-conscious solution that’s made to last a lifetime.

Add doors, drawers and more

Sometimes you need a little concealed storage. Simple! If you’re looking for a wallstorage with doors, we’ve got you covered - literally. More interested in a wallstorage with drawers? We’ve got that too. It’s easy to add our optional soft-close drawers and doors to make your bookshelf the perfect place to stash your stuff.

Easy to assemble

Don’t want to spend hours assembling your piece? The Tylko click-in system has got things covered. Just slot each element together – it’s fast and easy. We even give you numbered boxes and a personalised instruction manual for your piece. And for those really large wall storage, you’ll only need one or two friends to help. Simple!

Modern, instant classics

The Tylko team knows what it takes to design a contemporary wooden storage unit. We provide furniture that stands for style, calm and ease, so you can do more with your space and belongings

We want you to get organised

Our goal is to make organisation simple and personal. That's why we offer perfect-fit wall shelves without any waste. Whether you want a large wall unit or a small corner wall shelf, we give you the tools to make it happen.

Delivery and design support

We deliver our wall storage solutions to the UK and other European countries. We're dedicated to making your experience a smooth one, so feel free to ask for help via chat, email or phone.

A made-to-measure wall cabinet – by you!

Whether free-standing or wall-mounted, our shelves are built to match your space and taste perfectly. Need something for your favourite family objects? You’ve got it! Something for your music and film collection? It only takes a few clicks. We have wall storage that’s right for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How deep should my wall storage shelves be?

Tylko wall storage is available in three depths (24, 32, and 40cm), so you have a lot of flexibility. We suggest you start by asking yourself what you want to use it for, and where you’d like it to fit, and then design from there.

Can I use a Tylko wall storage unit in the kitchen or a bathroom?

Absolutely! While they’re not “waterproof”, the high-quality finishes on all Tylko wall storage mean a few splashes here and there are fine. Just wipe with a clean cloth and allow to air dry. (Just don’t put your Tylko RIGHT in the shower, that would be crazy.)

How do I organize items on my wall storage unit?

If you’re not sure how to organise your new wall storage, we always suggest considering what you intend to use your Tylko for, and then working around that. Keep the most often-needed things close to hand at an easy-reach level, while things you use less or don’t regularly need to take out can go on higher or lower shelves, or in sections with doors or drawers. Apart from that, there are no rules to organising, and everyone has their own system that’s as unique as they are. And don’t forget: nothing is permanent - feel free to mix up your system to find what works!

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