Up to 403 cm high, so that every story can find its place.

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In Tylko you won't find cliché furniture and solutions. We make sure that your interior is unique. Grey bookcases provide the perfect way to add style and storage to any living space. Whether you need a small grey bookcase for a hallway, or a large grey bookcase for a living room, Tylko has a wide range of modern grey bookcases to suit your needs. Together we can easily achieve the desired effect.

Small grey bookcase

The small grey bookcase is the perfect piece of furniture designed for little spaces. It allows you to organise rooms and arrange a collection of books, which deserves to be well taken care of. The grey small bookcase will perfectly match the living room, home office or bedroom with limited space.

Grey bookcase with doors - for more than just books

Enjoy travelling and exposing your souvenirs? Or maybe you would like to keep pictures of your loved ones in a focal point of your living room? Go for a modern grey bookcase, which will ensure that everything that matters to you will always be nicely exposed.

Modern grey bookcase with drawers

We go against the flow. Our furniture is not only practical but can also be a great decoration of any interior. A grey bookcase with shelves, drawers and cupboards will help you keep documents organised. From tall grey bookcases with drawers, to narrow grey bookcases with drawers, you’ll be sure to find the perfect fit for your living space

Living room, bedroom, office - where do you place your grey bookcase?

A low and grey slim bookcase, or a wide and tall grey bookcase with drawers? Through the possibility of a complete customization, the grey bookcase can be placed in any interior. It will highlight your treasured keepsakes in the living room and let you keep your books close at hand in the bedroom.

Modern grey living room furniture

Do you like out-of-the-box solutions? You don't want ordinary furniture that is used by everyone?  We have a solution for you - Tylko furniture can be designed on your own. You can go either for a modern, grey narrow bookcase or a classic large grey bookcase. Whatever you choose, it's one of a kind and absolutely unique.