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Tylko Original Classic in Plywood and Tylko Original Modern both have the same modern aesthetic when it comes to pattern, grid, gradient and slant styles, as well as the same door and drawer design. The difference with Tylko Original Classic in Plywood is that it's constructed from durable premium plywood with exposed edges showcasing the 13 layers of natural birchwood. Tylko Original Classic in Plywood also features rounded aluminum handles that run along the edge of the door and drawers for an easy grab and safety.

Shipping time for the Tylko Shelf is currently up to 12 weeks.

No, we don't. We build our furniture on-demand as each piece is unique. However, if you'd like to see the colours and materials, we offer sample kits that let you experience our great colours and finishes – perfect if you’re having a hard time deciding! You can order three different sample kits at the bottom of this page. We can also provide the RAL/NCS colour codes, too.

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