Tylko was founded with ambition at heart and technology at hand. We are a pack of experienced, highly creative designers from various backgrounds, and we share one common objective: to meet the needs of customers and provide a bespoke experience. This human approach is what fuels our grand blueprint for the designer furniture industry: to make it digital and revolutionize how people design, adapt, and build unique pieces of furniture. But why?

We understand customers, because we are customers.

  • In today’s day and age we feel restricted; restricted from expressing ourselves fully and affordably when it comes to furnishing our personal and professional spaces. We want change. We think it’s time to evolve from mass production and embrace a spectrum of possibilities instead of just one standard. These possibilities will set customers, like ourselves, free, and allow for limitless creation.

    Everything to promote choice is already here: the technology, the factories, the tools, the talent - yet no one has ever brought them together in the right way. We feel that now is the right time to do so. Calling on our years of experience and innovative thinking, we have radically modernized key parts of the designer furniture industry like never before. We are transforming it into something revolutionary, as if it were invented today.

Tylko puts customers in direct contact with designers to personalize pieces to specific tastes and needs.

  • This process is made accessible and intuitive with a modern tool: the multi-platform Tylko application. Through this tool customers can adapt a piece, visualize it inside their space without ever leaving it, and place an order. This approach allows the middleman to be cut out, and passes on savings in time and money to the customer. World-class product automation puts pieces together with precision, but all come hand-finished to capture the very essence of bespoke furniture design.

    Our handpicked designers are masters of the art who stay faithful to the basic principle of design – that form must follow function. It is this constant pursuit to marry the beautiful with the practical that gives Tylko an advantage over mammoth showrooms, where quality comes second, and distinguishes it from the dainty designer stores, where looks often trump purpose. We brought the future forward and redefined the stagnant world of designer furniture by offering masterful design that is enriched by endless possibilities to customize.

    As Yves Béhar, the world’s most influential designer according to Forbes, puts it:

“Design and technology have the greatest potential to change the human experience when combined”.

  • We bring that change. We are Tylko.