Type01 Wall Storage

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Ships in 4-5 weeks
Ships in 4-5 weeks
  • Taxes included
  • Free delivery Free deliveryEnjoy free professional delivery – right to your doorstep. Your shelf will arrive in labelled flat pack boxes for quick, easy assembly. We ship to all EU countries, including Switzerland and Norway.
  • 100 days to fall in love 100 days to fall in loveIf for any reason you’re not happy with your shelf, we’ll pick it back up for free within 100 days and give you a full refund. No questions asked.
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The Type01 Wall Storage

For walls both big and small

Touch the ceiling or tuck it into a tight corner. This modern wall storage solution is designed to fit any space. Enjoy hassle-free shopping, natural materials and easy assembly.

Timeless design with nature at heart

Strong, durable and made to last. Every Type01 is brought to life through natural materials and planet-friendly production methods.

Easy assembly
easy assembly
Our click-in system makes assembly fast and simple. We are redefining what flat pack furniture can be.
labelled packages and personalized manual
Recyclable labelled packages. Plain-language manuals. A Tylko shelf is a breeze to build.
premounted and color coded conectors
Pre-mounted and colour-coded connectors click into place with ease – and make it simple to dismantle when it’s time to move home.

Product details

Shelf parameters


184 cm

Compartment max load



133 cm

Shelf max load



32 cm



  • Pre-mounted and click into place
  • Weighted to self-close
  • Feature extruded aluminum handles


  • Easy to assemble - click into place
  • Full extension runners for easy access
  • Weighted to self-close
  • Feature extruded aluminum handles

Shelf feet

  • Adjustable to fit uneven floorboards
  • Include felt pads to protect against scratching
tylko.com easy assembly system - shelf feet and leveling

What's included

  • a personalised instruction manual
  • a padded tool to disassemble your shelf
  • wall fasteners and universal screws for safety purposes
  • floor-protecting pads to protect floors


Click it together. Quick and easy.

Save valuable time and energy with our colour-coded, click-together assembly system. Just unpack the numbered boxes in order, follow the easy instructions and you’ll have your shelf up in minutes.

tylko.com easy assembly system - shelves

If your shelf is higher than 60 cm or wider than 150 cm, we recommend fastening it to a wall. We also recommend fastening all shelves with a 24 cm depth. You'll find suitable hardware and wall plugs to do this inside your package. This step will make your shelf extra stable.


  • Pre-mounted hinge hardware
  • Click together to connect
tylko.com easy assembly system - doors


  • Pre-mounted slider hardware
  • Parts easily click together
  • Slide in the shelf to complete
  • Max load bearing: 30 kg
tylko.com easy assembly system - drawers

Material and quality


Plywood is one of the strongest materials around. Our premium plywood is made of 13 layers of birch hardwood selected for its strength and beauty. We leave the edges exposed and hand-oiled to showcase the natural grain of the wood fiber.

13 layers of compressed birchwood

Hand-polished with toxin-free plant oil.

18mm non-toxic particle board + Durable edge wrap band

Safety practices and certificates

We pride ourselves on the Type01 being a safe, child-friendly shelf. Our wood is FSC- and PEFC-certified and comes only from ecological, sustainably managed forests. We use non-toxic glues and oils for added peace of mind.


Free returns

If for any reason you’re not happy with your shelf, we’ll pick it back up for free within 100 days for a full refund. No questions asked.

Free delivery

We professionally deliver your Tylko shelf for free – right to your doorstep. It will arrive in labelled flat pack boxes for quick, easy assembly.


We ship to the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

The Tylko guarantee

All of our furniture is made from high-quality materials that can withstand tough everyday use. We provide a two-year guarantee against failure and manufacturing flaws. For more details and conditions please read our Terms of Service.


We accept most major credit cards (Mastercard, Visa) and payments through PayPal.

Additional payment options differ depending on the country. All transactions are processed securely via our payment provider Adyen.

For more information regarding payment please read our FAQ.

Get a perfect fit with the Tylko app

See your shelf live in your space before you decide to buy it. Edit size, height and style on the fly. Furniture shopping with the powerful Tylko app always means a perfect fit.

Proud owners, perfect shelves

We’re here to make
you comfortable
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Customer Reviews


Frequently asked questions

What’s the difference between the Type01 and Type02 shelves?

The Type01 and Type02 both have the same modern aesthetic when it comes to pattern, grid, gradient and slant styles, as well as the same door and drawer design. The difference with the Type01 is that it's constructed from durable premium plywood with exposed edges showcasing the 13 layers of natural birchwood. The Type01 also features rounded aluminum handles that run along the edge of the door and drawers for an easy grab and safety.

Check out our comparison page

How will I know if a shelf colour will suit my home?

We can send you a free colour sample pack in the mail. Let us know you want one by contacting [email protected] We can also provide the RAL/NCS codes for all of our colours.

Is a Tylko shelf safe to use in a child’s room?

Absolutely. We only use sustainably sourced plywood and non-toxic glues and oils. The handles are also rounded to avoid any nasty bumps. The shelf itself is very sturdy and strong, so it won’t sway, sag or topple over. But for added peace of mind, we provide wall mounts so you can attach it firmly to your wall.

How does the 100-day free return work?

Try your shelf for 100 days. If for any reason you’re not happy with it, we’ll pick it back up for free and give you a full refund. No questions asked.

Why do you offer only three row sizes?

Our three row heights are influenced by the common everyday objects of our customers – things like photo frames, vinyl records, oversized coffee table books and shoeboxes. The three heights (18 cm, 28 cm, 38 cm) have been carefully designed so that no matter how much you adjust or adapt them, they won’t sway or sag under weight.

Find the one

The Simple, Perfect-Fit Wall Storage

Meet your new favorite wooden wall storage. Your space is unique, so your wall storage should be, too. Tall, small, narrow or wide - designing the perfect-fit wall shelf is at your fingertips with Tylko.

Whether you need two rows or ten, customizable wooden wall storage means your kitchen, living room, hallway, bedroom or unused nook wall can be used to store things - smartly!

How Does It Work?

DVD's, books, toys and treasured trinkets all have a sturdy - and stylish - home with Tylko Wall Storage. Using our simple design interface, you can create high-quality wooden wall storage to your exact specifications. Want it in black? Done. Why not add a few doors? Done. Your ideas come to life right at the tap of a finger.

With Tylko wall storage, you can maximize unused space and tricky nooks to easily create more space. You can even use Tylko's augemented reality to see your wall storage live in your space before you decide. Design your way to shelf perfection, and create a wall storage solution for any space, effortlessly. When you're ready, your wall storage is delivered free, and we even offer 100-day returns in the rare case your wall storage isn't quite right for you.

How Much Can It Hold?

That's up to you! Each wall storage unit is made from 13 sturdy layers of plywood to ensure your wall storage is wobble-free, won't sag and won't sway. Tylko's steel snap-together connectors keep everything in place - and make it easy to assemble and break down your shelf for years of use. No tools needed - simply snap together!

Due to the robust construction, each section of your wall storage can hold up to 30kg. Whether you need a lot of storage or just a little extra, you can be sure it will be safe, secure and super stylish. As for the volume of items it can hold...well, that's up to you! When you decide your Tylko wall storage you can start at one row...or ten! The possibilities are endless...as long as you have the space!

Will it hold large items?

It will! With varying section heights of 18, 28 and 38cm you can be sure your oversized books, photo frames, or holiday souvenirs will be just as secure as your smaller treasures. After months of research (and lots of measuring common household objects) Tylko found these heights were the ideal sizes to accomodate nearly every kind of item a person would care to store - including all types of reading materials, vinyl records and more.

Not only will your design vases and oversized objects fit beautifully, your taller things will too. You can even decide on sections with doors for more concealed storage if you prefer to keep your treasures under wraps. Or mix and match with open and closed sections for a completely unique shelf solution.

What About Scratches?

No worries, Type01 wall storage is coated with a high-quality laminate that offers exceptional protection against scratches and stains - while giving the shelf a sleek sheen. In the kitchen, mudroom, playroom (or any other high-traffic location), you can be sure your wall storage will stand the test of time, and look just as good as the day you bought it.

Through years of use, your shelf will retain its sheen while resisting scratches. Not only is each shelf coated with laminate, the edges are hand-oiled to preserve the natural look of the beautiful wood - and add vital protection. With lesser-quality MDF and wood, corners can split or fray, or even swell when exposed to moisture. Tylko storage is designed to last for generations.

Where Can it Go?

The question is where can't it go! If you need wall storage in a hallway, home office, bedroom or basment, with Tylko you'll get something that fits perfectly every time. No shoving furniture around or measuring tight spaces - with the Tylko app you can point and decide!

By using augmented reality to see your wall storage live in your space, you can make sure the shelf will fit, and most importantly - look great. Just tap and swipe until you're ready to decide, then enjoy fast and free shipping on your new shelf. And if for any reason you don't fall in love with your wall storage - just send it back, on us.

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