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Type01 Shoe Rack

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When the shoe fits...

From high-tops to high heels, the Type01 Shoe Rack has space to keep every style looking box fresh and beautiful.

Easy breezy assembly

Putting together a Tylko Shelf is simple.
Snap together the color-coded parts and see your design come to life. Our shelves are engineered to take apart and move easily to a new home.



Everything is great : design my own furniture, delivery at the time I choose, simple to build and just beautiful!


100 days
of free returns

We're sure your shoes will love their new home. Settle your shoe rack in for up to 100 days or we will pick it up for free.

Behind closed doors...

Go ahead and close the door on it.
Our high-tech hinges click in place and self-close. The doors - with stylish ergonomic aluminum handles - are both chic and functional.

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Product details

Shelf dimensions

Pattern Stand
530 cm
740 cm
32 cm

You may see the shelf in your home before you buy, using our Augmented Reality app.



Plywood is one of the strongest materials around. Our premium plywood is made of 13 layers of birch hardwood selected for its strength and beauty. We leave the edges exposed and hand-oiled to showcase the natural grain of the wood fiber.

Load Bearing

Our multi-layered plywood is made up of diagonally compressed wood fiber, ensuring that Tylko Shelves have unparalleled load-distributing strength and rigidity.

We recommend not to exceed the max. load of your shelf, which is kg

Each compartment of your shelf can bear up to kg

Assembly & Maintenance

We've simplified assembly with a colour-coded, snap together process to save you both time and energy. Simply unpack the numbered boxes in order, follow your personalised instructions and snap your Tylko Shelf together in minutes. Once assembled, use gentle furniture cleaners and a dry towel to keep your shelf in tip-top shape.


- pre-mounted and click into place
- weighted to self-close
- feature extruded aluminum handles

Shelf legs

- adjustable to fit uneven floorboards
- include felt pads to protect against scratching


- easy to assemble - click into place
- full extension runners for easy access
- weighted to self-close
- feature extruded aluminum handles

What's included

Your Tylko Shelf packaging includes:
- personalised instruction manual
- padded tool to disassemble your shelf
- wall fasteners and universal screws for safety purposes
- floor-protecting pads to protect floors


Your Tylko Shelf will arrive in flat-pack boxes that set you up for easy assembly from the get-go.

After manufacturing, your Tylko Shelf will arrive within one week depending on your location.


Ships in 7-8 weeks

We ship to your doorstep in the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

If your country is not included, drop us a line and we will see what we can do.

Free returns

We're giving you 100 days to settle your new Tylko Shelf in. If you're still not happy, we will pick it up and return it for free.

Quality certifications

At Tylko, we strive to provide you with top quality while remaining sustainable. Our wood is FSC- and PEFC-certified and comes only from ecological, sustainably managed forests.

A Simple, Perfect-Fit Shoe Rack

The high-quality wooden Tylko shoe cabinet ensures your sneakers, boots, brogues and more are kept clean, organized and looking their best.

With with an easy customization interface, you can design a shoe rack that will fit any space you need it to. With Tylko, you simply tap and swipe your way to shoe storage perfection, specifying all the details you want for your shoe shelf. How many rows? Doors or no doors? Width? Height? Color? All easy to explore with the simple design interface!

How Does it Work?

When you need a long and lean shoe rack, a tall one with doors - or anything in between, there's a simple solution. Simply customize your dream shoe rack. Then, see your shoe rack live in your space! When you're ready, you simply order and we handle the rest - free shipping, effortless delivery, and super simple assembly.

Personalizing a Tylko Shoe Rack to fit your space - from tall closet to narrow hallway - is the best solution when you're looking for solid shoe storage you can count on. Available in white, black or grey to match any interior, the stylish shelves will make sure your sneakers and shoes look great, too. Whether you're looking for large shoe storage or small, you can be sure a Tylko shoe bench is the answer. Design a sturdy shoe holder that will stand the test of time - and keep you stylish for years to come!

How Many Pairs Can it Hold?

That's totally up to you! If you are a shoe collector, a sneakerhead, or simply want a slim option for guests' shoes in the hallway when they visit, Tylko has a solution that will work.

Because every shoe rack is custom-designed by you, you call the shots. If you want to show off your shoes, an open-faced shoe bench is the way to go. Prefer to keep your muddy boots under wraps? Choose soft-close doors to keep to muck under control. Or, choose a mixture of open and closed sections of your shoe storage bench!

Will it Hold Heels? Tall Boots?

With varying section heights - 18, 28, and 38cm - you can be sure high tops and high heels - and those high boots - will all find a happy home on your shoe rack. After months of research (and lots of measuring common household objects) Tylko found these heights were the ideal sizes to accomodate nearly every kind of item a person would care to store - including all types of footwear.

You can choose section heights as you desire - one row for boots, another for sneakers - the choice is yours. One-size-fits-all doesn't work for shoes, why should it work for your shoe shelf? Simply configure a solution that works best for you - and your shoes.

What About Scratches and Stains?

Nothing to worry about. Your Tylko shoe rack is coated in a top-quality laminate that means scratches and stains won't mar your shoe shelf, while giving it a stylish (and protective) finish.

Through years of use, your shelf will retain its sheen while resisting scratches. Not only is each shelf coated with laminate, the edges are hand-oiled to preserve the natural look of the beautiful wood - and add vital protection. With lesser-quality MDF and wood, corners can split or fray, or even swell when exposed to moisture. Tylko shoe racks are designed to last for generations.

Where Can it Go?

The question is where can't it go! If you need a shoe bench in a hallway, closet bedroom or basment, with Tylko you'll get something that fits perfectly every time. No shoving furniture around or measuring tight spaces - with the Tylko app you can point and decide!

By using augmented reality to see your shoe rack live in your space, you can make sure the shoe shelf will fit, and most importantly - look great. Just tap and swipe until you're ready to decide, then enjoy fast and free shipping on your new shoe storage. And if for any reason you don't fall in love with your shoe rack - just send it back, on us.

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