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Bookcases & Bookshelves

Tylko makes it easy to create bookshelves and room dividers that match your space and taste perfectly. Our sturdy and stylish bespoke storage is built from high-quality materials for lasting looks - and a lifetime of use.

Bespoke bookcase

Tylko’s easy configurator lets you call the shots - without the need for any carpentry skills. Large or small, tall or short - you decide from a range of details that go beyond just width and height to click and swipe your way to the perfect place to display your favourite things.

Made-to-measure shelves in minutes

Whether bookcase it just takes a few clicks to create using our configurator. We guarantee that you’ll come up with a design that perfectly fits your dining room, bedroom or living room needs - and is totally made-to measure in just minutes.

Add doors, drawers and more

Sometimes you need a little concealed storage. Simple! If you’re looking for a bookcase with doors, we’ve got you covered - literally. More interested in a bookcase with drawers? We’ve got that too. It’s easy to add our optional soft-close drawers and doors to make your bookshelf the perfect place to stash your stuff.

Colours and materials

Choose from an exciting rwange of colours for your bookcase: white, black, grey, blue, pink, wooden, yellow, red, beige and burgundy. Looking for bookcases that resemble solid wood? Choose from beautiful real wood veneers in oak and ash to bring a bit of nature into your house. We use the highest quality material for each piece: 13 layers of birch plywood for our plywood shelves, and high-quality 18mm particle board for other ranges, so you can be sure your books will be well supported, with no wobbling, sagging or sway.

Easy to assemble

Assembling your bookcase is simple. Tylko uses a unique click-together system that makes assembly effortless. We deliver your bookcase in numbered boxes, and include a personalised instruction manual just for you. We even label and colour-code every part to make assembly fun and stress-free. It doesn't matter if you are designing a home office or child’s room, you'll get something custom-made.

Modern bookcase, instant classic

Our designers have refined every customisable element so you get a modern bookcase that stands for style – however big or small you make it. It’s the perfect place to store or display your books, photos, collections - and all the things that matter most.

We’re here to help you get organised

Our goal as a company is to make organisation simple and personal, and help you do more with your space and belongings. That's why we help you create perfect-fit bookshelves without any hassle. It doesn't matter if you are designing a home office or child’s room, or any place or space - with Tylko you always get a custom-made solution that’s sure to help you get organised.

Delivery and design support

We deliver bookcases across Europe as well as to the UK. We're committed to making shopping with Tylko totally seamless and simple, so don't hesitate to ask us for help via chat, email or phone. We’re here to make shelving unit that perfectly fits your needs - and your life.

Made-to-measure shelves – by you!

Our bookshelfs are there to inspire you to design your own. You want a bookshelves with doors or drawers? You got it! You need a shelf or sideboard? It's as easy as 2 or 3 clicks in our configurator. Looking for modular or adjustable shelving? Just give our system a try and get creative with your design. We guarantee that you will be able to come up with a design that perfectly fits your dining room, bedroom or living room needs.

Wall mounted shelves

We don't sell wall mounted or floating shelves, but for safety require our furniture (tall pieces in particular) to be secured to the wall. We provide all the necessary hardware so you can safely store and display without any danger.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between a bookshelf and a bookcase?

None, really! Our customers come from all over Europe, so we use both words interchangeably as some people use one rather than the other. The piece of furniture it refers to is the same.

Where can I put my bookcase?

Short answer? Anywhere you like! A lot of people ask, “Can I put a bookcase in the living room or bedroom?” and our answer is: of course! The great thing about Tylko furniture is that there are no rules. You design it, you decide the details...and then you decide where to put it!

Do I need to secure a bookcase to the wall?

For extra safety, we always suggest mounting your furniture to the wall. We make it easy, though, and include all the required brackets needed in every order so that you can secure your piece to prevent the risk of tipping.

How deep should a bookcase be?

It’s totally up to you! What makes Tylko so special is the ability to decide every detail yourself - including the depth. With three great depths to choose from, the decision is in your hands. (But, for reference, the average depth for our bookcases is 32cm.)

How much weight can a Tylko bookcase hold?

In general, each compartment of a Tylko shelf can hold 35kg. For the most accurate numbers, use the online configurator to design your shelf, and then click on the “shelf parameters” section to see the exact stats and total shelf load capability calculated specifically for your design.

How to style a bookcase?

Ooh, good question! There’s no one answer to this, but here’s a great article to get you started!

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