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Le camerette per bambini più giocose iniziano qui

Camerette per bambini che mettono il divertimento nella funzione

Create spazio (e incoraggiate l'ordine) con contenitori per la cameretta dei bambini che si adattano perfettamente, sicuri, robusti ed eleganti.

Tylko Rooms

Provate l'effetto di vestibilità perfetta.

Progettate un mobile che si adatti perfettamente al vostro spazio e godetevi la tranquillità che ne deriva.

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Bedroom furniture made for (and by) kids

Boring bedrooms? No more! With total creative control, you can design a cool, comfortable space for children to play, grow and thrive. Whether a modern nursery, toddler bedroom or stylish space for a teen girl, boy or anyone, let your children's' personalities shine with storage that's 100% them – and that they can help create in just a few clicks! With Tylko, creating an inspiring space with childrens' furniture that encourages creativity, organisation and good habits that set your kids up for success is simple.

Perfect-fit playrooms and nurseries

Your child is unique, and their space should be, too. With Tylko, there are endless design options to make sure your child's room suits their needs (and yours). From Chests of Drawers that are kid-friendly (and with plenty of space to store clothes, toys and more), to changing tables that are the perfect height for parents and hold nappies, wipes and more all within reach - there's a stylish storage solution for any space. Bookshelves to hold their fave stories or deep, or sturdy drawers to tuck away toys? Bedside tables or toy chests? In just a few clicks of the configurator, you can design flexible furniture that fits your needs.

Furniture that fosters creativity

Tylko furniture puts the fun in function. Not only is it easy to click and customise every piece of furniture you need, you can let your child explore their creativity as they help design bookshelves, toy storage units, wardrobes, chests of drawers, art storage shelves, bedside tables and so much more along with you! With a range of fun, modern colours like pink, yellow, and mix colours too (as well as the classics like white, black and grey), they become an integral part of designing their own room for a sense of autonomy that helps boost self-esteem. And, with flexible sizing, together you can design furniture that's child-sized to help them feel even more comfortable in their space as they interact with furniture that's built just for them and their needs.

Trendy teen furniture

Think Tylko furniture is only for little kids? Think again! With flexible sizing that you decide, endless design styles, cool, contemporary colours and more, teenagers can design the room of their dreams too. Trendy teen bedrooms are easy to create: custom closets, bedside tables to store phone chargers and fave magazines, desks perfect for studying and storing supplies, and custom wall storage to display their fave photos, memories, trophies and more are all super easy to design. Plus, with smart options like cable management and more, keeping notoriously messy teen bedrooms stylishly tidy is a breeze. If you're looking for ideas for a teen bedroom, look no further than Tylko for customisable furniture that teenage girls and boys love.

Smart, safe furniture for kids

Whether you need drawers to store baby clothes, bookshelves to hold your budding reader's best picks, a custom wardrobe with railings, or wall storage with drawers or doors to help organise toys and tuck away mess in your children's' room, Tylko has the solution you need. Whether for boys' rooms, girls' rooms, teens or anyone, everyone benefits from custom-made furniture that perfectly fits their needs. And, with our 100% natural, non-toxic material construction, you can feel good about using Tylko in your kids' rooms. Safe, sturdy, and guaranteed not to sag, sway, creak or crack, each robust piece of children's furniture from Tylko is designed to last a lifetime – and withstand whatever life (or your children) can throw at it.