Up to 403 cm high, so that every story can find its place.

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Discover the sleek and sophisticated appeal of Tylko's matte bookcase collection, expertly crafted to provide stylish and functional storage solutions for your home. The matt finish adds a subtle touch of refinement to your living space, while the sturdy shelves provide ample room for your favourite books, trinkets, and more.

Small matte bookcase with doors

Maximise your storage space in compact areas with a Tylko small matte bookcase with doors. Designed to fit seamlessly into smaller spaces, these bookcases combine the modern allure of a matte finish with the practicality of enclosed storage.

Matte bookcases

Embrace the contemporary charm of a Tylko matte bookcase, designed to provide a stylish and functional storage solution for your home. The matte finish adds a touch of sophistication to your living space, while the sturdy shelves offer ample room for your book collection, decorative pieces, and more.

Matt bookshelves

Upgrade your living space with a stunning matte bookcase from Tylko. With a wide array of styles, designs, and sizes, Tylko's matte bookcases are expertly crafted to meet your storage and display needs. Whether you opt for a small bookcase with doors, a matte bookcase, a matt bookcase, a matte bookshelf, or matte bookshelves, you can trust that you're investing in a high-quality piece that will stand the test of time. Experience the sleek and sophisticated appeal of Tylko's matte bookcase collection today.

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