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Con scomparti profondi 40 cm e ripiani di tre altezze perfettamente proporzionate ai tuoi dischi in vinile, la tua collezione sarà sempre al sicuro in un luogo raffinato.

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Don't worry! With our configurator, It's easy to create what you're looking for. Customise every detail in just a few clicks for unique storage that ticks all your boxes.

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Design your shelf

Modern vinyl record storage units

Design your own vinyl record storage cabinetto perfectly match your taste and space. All the magic is courtesy of Tylko’s parametric design, which makes customisation fast, easy and fun. There’s a vinyl shelf for everyone!

Bespoke vinyl storage stands

Looking for a modern record stand for your LP collection? We make you the designer and carpenter. Decide all the details with our configurator: the colour, the type of finish and the fit – right down to the last centimetre. Forget the usual record storage boxes… this is made-to-measure furniture done right.

Colours and materials

Choose from an exciting range of colours for your vinyl record units: white, black, grey, pink, yellow, red.

Choose from classic tones or go big with a bold hue. Either way, a Tylko vinyl record shelf makes a statement in any home. By using responsibly sourced materials and on-demand production methods, we provide an eco-conscious vinyl record holder that’s made to last a lifetime.

Easy to assemble

Forget hours of assembly – the Tylko click-in system makes it fast and easy. We give you numbered boxes and a personalised instruction manual for your unique piece. Every part is labelled and colour coded to speed things up. Whether it’s a large or small record vinyl storage box you’re building, it'll be up in no time.

Modern, instant classics

The Tylko team knows what it takes to design contemporary LP record storage solutions. Every angle and finish is carefully considered so you get a piece of furniture that stands for style, calm and ease – whatever the aesthetic.

We want you to get organised

Our goal is to make organisation simple and personal, so you can do more with your space and belongings. That's why we offer perfect-fit vinyl LP storage without any waste. Whether you want a large record box or a slim record cabinet, we give you the tools to make it happen.

Delivery and design support

We deliver record stands to the UK and other European countries. We're dedicated to making your experience a smooth one, so feel free to ask for help via chat, email or phone.

Made-to-measure LP vinyl storage – by you!

Forget your typical LP storage box – this is a unique piece designed to match your space and taste. Need something for your entire collection? You’ve got it! Something smaller for just your favourite LPs? It only takes a few clicks. We have a vinyl storage solution that’s right for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many records can a Tylko vinyl record shelf fit?

It depends on which type you’re storing (45’s weigh a lot less than LP’s, for example), and the size of your vinyl record shelf. In general, each compartment of a Tylko Vinyl Storage shelf can hold 35kg. For the most accurate numbers, use the online configurator to design your vinyl record shelf, and then click on the “shelf parameters” section to see the exact stats and total shelf load capability calculated specifically for your design.

How can I display my LP’s and singles?

It’s up to you! Most people store and display their collections by sliding them in, spines facing out, so you can easily see them. (But never stack your vinyl. The weight can warp and damage them.) Other people prefer our record bin-style drawers so they can flip through and find what they need, while others still prefer to alternate between the slide-in, spine-out system in a few sections, with a few front-facing sections mixed in to show off their favourite cover art. There are no rules when it comes to your record collection. We say do whatever feels right.

What’s the best way to store vinyl records?

Never stack them, keep them in the sleeves, and try not to touch them too much. We know that much, but we’re not vinyl record experts. Luckily our friends at Bikini Waxx in Berlin are, and have shared their top tips with us here.

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