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6 Creative Ideas How to Use Space Under the Stairs

March 30, 2021 | 5 min. read

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6 Creative Ideas How to Use Space Under the Stairs

Are you making the most of the space under your stairs? Of all the home design challenges homeowners face, figuring out how to style that extra unused space can be a daunting task.

The living room is the social hub of a house, a communal meeting place whose central goal is to provide a place for leisure, a break from the stresses and strains of the outside world. But where did this idea of a room solely for relaxation come from?

While Tylko shelves aren’t made to fit under stair spaces specifically, it is possible to create a custom unit that can be placed in your unused space, an incredibly flexible and space-saving system.

Whatever you have in mind for that much neglected corner, these under the stairs decoration and storage ideas should help transform your space in an instant.

1. Cosy Reading Nook

6 Creative Ideas How to Use Space Under the Stairs

The extra space under your stairs may be small, but could it offer just enough room for a cosy reading nook. A Squishy seat, a good light, and some shelves will make it the perfect spot to get through a few chapters. You can carve out a cosy nook under your staircase to fit our Tylko Type01 Bookcase. Add in some fluffy pillows and a lamp, and you’ll be set.

6 Creative Ideas How to Use Space Under the Stairs

2. Tiny Home Office

For a genuinely life-improving transformation, try turning that under stair space into a compact home office. Sure, you may not have an entire full-size room to stretch out, but in the era of working from home, a designated space to call your own can make all the difference. With a built-in desk, a well-placed mini plant and some book storage ideas in place, you’ll have a modern home office tailored to your exact needs.

For some added inspiration, head to our Make working from home work for you guide full of super simple suggestions.

3. Shoe Storage

6 Creative Ideas How to Use Space Under the Stairs

Shoe storage is perhaps one of the most straightforward and functional uses of your under stairs space. Build pull-out shoe racks to stash those extra pairs out of sight, leaving hallways and bedroom floors free of footwear clutter. Tylko offers adjustable Tylko Type01 Shoe Rack designs in a variety of colourways and customisable layouts, all ready to put that forgotten space to work.

6 Creative Ideas How to Use Space Under the Stairs

4. Book Shelves

An interior designer's favourite, the under stair space is a perfect location for a mini home library, a hidden space to hold your favourite reads. This particular shelving idea is perfectly suited to homeowners with a larger staircase by the corridor, making everything you need readily available whilst neatly tucked out of sight.

Use open shelves for mixed use storage, from books to design pieces, plants to treasured ornaments. A reflection of your personal style, the under stairs nook will become both functional and decorative.

5. Wine Storage

Perhaps a little on the frivolous side, if your goal is striking rather than straightforward, wine cellars are a runaway winner here, stylish and sophisticated. Wine storage is especially useful for enthusiasts looking to get organised and add a little order to their growing collection. Implementing a system based around year, region or variety will transform the way you enjoy wine and a shady, cool spot under the stairs makes for a prime location. Add wine racks or shelving to create an accessible walk-in wine cellar, a style statement that will add character to any home.

6. Extra Storage Space

Ultimately, everyone always needs that extra space to store items they don’t need on hand or simply want kept out of sight. A set of drawers will provide a home for gadgets, shopping bags, vacuum cleaners, instruction manuals, school supplies, sports equipment, and all those other life essentials that tend to create mess or go missing right when they’re needed.

Whether you want to make some much needed extra space, finally sort through those forgotten items or simply flex your creative muscle, the options are endless; a fun project that will improve your home and simplify your life.

How about you? We’d love to see your creative solutions to under-stair storage. Share your finished projects with us on Instagram and inspire others. Yours may just be the idea that changes how the world views that tiny extra space.

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I am very happy with my wardrobe. Everything looks amazing, easy to assemble, perfect fit and well made. Delivery and installation were flawless. My bedroom has never looked better.

These shelves are exactly what we wanted.

These shelves are exactly what we wanted.

They look fabulous in or bedroom love the design and very good quality and very solid. They were really easy to assemble but you do need two people as they are heavy. I will definitely be recommending Tylko to friends and family and would buy shelves again as we are delighted with the finished product and the service.

Absolutely fabulous!

Absolutely fabulous!

Great to feel you have some input into the design and that your shelf is a bit different from others. Love the colours, the quality of the build and the way everything was packed and labelled to make building simple. Required a bit of physical input to get the pieces into position but think that it's unlikely to ever fall to bits! Only problem I had (of my own making) was that the unit was large and nearly completely fitted the floor which made getting it difficult to get it upright. Also, because it was large it was also heavy (testament to the quality of the materials) so needed some professional lifting help to get it into place. None of this is a negative reflection on Tylko. I'm now planning the next unit for the bedroom!

the perfect size for my space

the perfect size for my space

This chest of drawers is my fifth Tylko unit. I have an awkwardly shaped bedroom and the customisation of the Tylko units have enabled me to fit to the available space perfectly. I managed to make the unit entirely single handed.

Very well made

Very well made

Well made flat pack product, took quite a bit of hammering and strength to fit all together, but end product is very sturdy. Good instructions and great felt covered protector board provided for hammering, nice touch. Space is limited for us so I chose a set of drawers that fit under the bed perfectly

Stunning engineered shelving!

Stunning engineered shelving!

We are extremely pleased with our shelves. They not only look fantastic but the build instructions are the most straightforward I have seen. Despite being nervous when six boxes of parts were delivered each part was clearly labelled and the instructions easy to follow. Each part has been engineered to fit perfectly - I don’t think built in shelves would be any better. Two people are required to construct the unit but we did manage to build the top half upright due to the lack of floor space. We have already started designing our next unit for the next bedroom remodel....

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