It’s been a month since our official European launch at London Design Festival 2015, and we’re all now just piecing together the incredible moments we enjoyed. Our premiere was met with high acclaim and positive feedback – we made it into The Telegraph, FastCompany, and Wired, and spoke to many industry professionals who were astonished at our vision and progress. We were grateful for the kind words we collected from these professionals and journalists, but it was nothing compared to making our customers smile. This, by far, was the most important and precious part of our premiere.

    We lost count of the “wows” and “ahhs” we heard during presentations, and we’re now more determined then ever to bring this amazement to those who placed their trust in us during the last month – when your orders arrive, you’ll have a smile on your face, too. You are the ones that have kick started our journey, and you are the ones that will keep it shooting towards the future. For us, the happiness in this video makes all the hard work worth it.
    Inspired by your trust and commitment, we are rolling up our sleeves and working even harder. Every order will be built to perfection and shipped from our factories with love, all to make you happy. And the orders are growing: we now process roughly 30 Totem Mills every week, more than one Ivy Shelf every day, and one Hub Table every day too. We’re thankful for your continued support and passion for what we do.
    This is only the beginning. To all those who attended LDF: we hope those smiles are still in place. And to all those who have ordered Tylko pieces: your smiles are on the way.
    Thank you for an incredible start,
    The Tylko team.