Axel Springer Plug & Play has been friends with Tylko since the early days. We always admire the atmosphere at their office and have the pleasure to bring in some additional happiness with our products. Tylko presents Jörg Rheinbolt, the CEO of Axel Springer Plug & Play talking about the process of ordering and assembling his new Ivy Shelf and the impact it had on his team.

    Launched in 2013, the Axel Springer Plug & Play Accelerator is a Berlin-based accelerator looking for trail-blazing digital entrepreneurs. They’re more than just an accelerator: they provide global opportunities from day one, through their international network in Europe and Silicon Valley.
    Three times a year, they run a three month-long program in which they provide startups with office space in the heart of Berlin, coaching, workshops, networking, 25.000 euros, events and more. The program ends with the Demo Day, where startups will have the opportunity to pitch in front of an elite audience of local and international venture capital firms for additional seed and Series A funding. Plus, startups have the chance to meet Silicon Valley investors as well as go to Silicon Valley.
    They were the first to order the Ivy Shelf in 2014 and loved its durability and finish so much, that they decided to order another one.